Lucy Ireland

Founder and chief visionary, Lucy is the driving force behind the company. Many of you will already know Lucy from her days as the owner of Deckers Uniform as well as  Bikini Beach Boutique and Spa. Lucy has over 20 years experience in uniform as well as being a mother of 3! ‚Äč

David Ireland

David comes from a sailing background and loves nothing more than being on the water . As an ex Captain he fully understands the requirements and restrictions of the industry and works together with crew and project managers to deliver beyond expectations.

Sonia Guardiola.

Sonia is one of the iconic people in life who can say they love what they do. She has worked in Yacht Uniform for 10 years and her relationships with her clients say it all. 

Micaela Andres

Micaela, with her international experience, helps us with our cross boarders worldwide network of clients and ensures that clear communication leads to smooth sailing . She is determined and delivers her professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.

Meli Metcalfe

Meli is the newest member of our team. Already proving irreplaceable Meli helps out in all areas of the business, working as an excellent member of the team and keeping our internal communication working at a high standard.

Emma Bennett

Emma is our internal Design and marketing guru. From storyboards through to vectorised logos and our uniform brochure her talents in the design department are endless.